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Experience ALTITUDE.

 A L T I T U D E is a workshop that is designed to give you insight into how you are living your life. You will identify your personality type and learn about the tendencies that are associated with each type. You will likely discover things about yourself that you are unaware of or have chosen not to see.


Come experience FREEDOM

Participants have reported that their #1 most valuable takeaway is the ability to connect with their kids in a brand new way.

Come experience FREEDOM  from the confinement of repetitive behaviors.


You will discover the unconscious motivations from which you operate and learn how to shift out of negative or unresourceful mindsets.


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Aha! Moments

An Aha! moment of why it is difficult to communicate with certain people in your life.



An real understanding of exactly why you react the way that you do.



New considerations on how to connect deeply with your family, friends, and coworkers.



A study of music, the effect it has on your brain, and its application in your life.



Tools for mindfulness, self-observation, and self-reflection.


For Groups

Are you a social group who is looking to connect to your people in a more meaningful way? Participants of the Altitude workshop tell me that their friend group has connected on a deeper level due to the Enneagram discussions. Authentic connection is a major theme in this workshop. Margo’s feedback was, “Our group does not want this workshop to end.”


For Students

Are you a university or high school looking to equip your students with self-awareness before they launch into the next stage of life? The Altitude workshop gives young adults a headstart in the area of emotional intelligence. A student’s journey of self-understanding and self-development is supported with the Enneagram. Young adults can also benefit from learning how to use music, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation as tools to manage stress.


For Teams & Corporations

Have you defined your company's culture? Do personalties sometimes clash at the office? You will walk away from this workshop with a better understanding of your colleagues' perspective. This is a fascinating study of human behavior! Let's get started!


For Individuals

Want to schedule a One-On-One coaching session?  This session can help clarify what is important to you and how to execute your goals. Sometimes just having a conversation with a coach can clear your head and help you launch into your next adventure. Let’s talk!


GirlFriend GetAway

Looking for a new kind of getaway with your friends? Participants tell me that they feel more connected to their friends after the Enneagram study. Let's schedule a destination workshop!

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Ready to Experience ALTITUDE?

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